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FanBettor Social Sports Betting Contests are GAMES OF KNOWLEDGE AND SKILL for users 18 years of age or older and created for entertainment purposes only. No money is wagered or collected via the FanBettor Service and is not to be used in connection with any form of gambling or wagering.

True Sports Book Experience

FanBettor gives sports fans an action-packed sports book adventure in a contest format. Players have the option to place Straight Bets, Parlays and even 2 or 3 Game Teases for a true Sports Book experience.


Social Sports Book

At our Social Sports Book players compete against each other by placing Social Bets (no monetary value) on NFL games using the line/spread.

The line, or spread are points that handicap one team and favors another. In addition to the line on the team, there is the line on the total points scored by both teams in a single game (commonly called the over/under or O/U).

Line / Spread Terms

  • Favorite (-) - Team expected to win.
  • Underdog (+) - Team expected to lose.
  • Over - Total scoring by both teams will be more than the expected total score for the game.
  • Under - Total scoring by both teams will be lower than the expected total score for the game.

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How To Play
(NFL Contest)

  • 1. Every player starts the contest with an equal balance of virtual points.
  • 2. Win the Social Bet and the player's score (virtual point balance) increases, lose the Social Bet and the player's score decreases.
  • 3. If a player's balance falls on or below 0 points they are out of the contest. Knockouts occur after the last game of the week (after the Monday night game).
  • 4. Prizes are awarded on a weekly basis (Weekly Winner) to the player(s) with the highest score for the week.
  • 5. Prizes are awarded at the end of a contest (EOC Winner) to the player(s) with the highest cumulative score for the entire duration of the contest.

General Rules*
(NFL Contest)

  • 1. To qualify as a Weekly Winner the player must submit at least 5 Social Bets for the respective week.
  • 2. To qualify as an EOC Winner the player must submit the minimum number of Social Bets required.
  • 3. Social Bets cannot be duplicated.
  • 4. Players can wager 30, 40 or 50 virtual points per Social Bet.
  • 5. The maximum number of Social Bets a player can submit for the week or duration of the contest is applicable to each individual contest.
  • 6. If a players score (virtual point balance) equals or drops below 0 at the end of the week the player is out of the contest.
  • 7. In the event of a tie the prize is split amongst tied participants (ex. If 2 players are tied for 1st place and the prize was $100 both players receive $50).
  • 8. The week ends upon the completion of the Monday Night game. If no MNF game the week ends on the last Sunday game.
  • 9. All prize(s) are awarded from the contest sponsor.
  • 10. All Social Sports Betting Contests are Free Entry.
  • * Specific contest rules for each contest will be available on the View Contests section and Social Sports Betting pages where players place Social Bets and also coincide with the Terms of Use.